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Josie’s Bakery uses only the best ingredients from recipes handed down through generations of baking some of the most delicious pastries, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and specialty deserts. Everyone deserves to reward themselves with a tasty treat once in a while. With our wide selection of baked deserts there is something for eveyone.

Quality and consictency is what you can expext from us every time. What good is a cupcake that doesn’t satisfy your cravings for something delivious to eat. And what good is that mouthwatering pastry you had from here last time if we can’t make it for you just as fresh and just as delicious every time. Check out our selection of delicious treats from our menu of head over tand take a look at our gallery see what we mean.



Josie’s bakery is the perfect choice for any occasion

Whether you’re getting married and want your wedding cake to be the center piece, to have it be so beautifully decorated that it’s extravegance alone will make other couples jealous. Maybe it’s your 7 year old son’s birthday and know his favorite chocolate cake would be extra special with a Boston Bruins logo on top. Going to a barbecue and know delicious cupcakes from Josie’s Bakery will hit the spot for desert? Having company over and want to offer some pastries for desert? There is never a wrong time for Josie’s Bakery. 


Right across the street from Tremezzo Ristorante

Owner of Josie’s Bakery Rick Lowe is also the owner of one of the most popular Italian restaurants around, Tremezzo Ristorante, which is right across the street. What more can you ask for than a hearty helping of fine Italian cuisine, followed by a walk over to Josie’s where you can pick out some of your favorite pastries to sit down and enjoy, before finally grabbing a box of assorted baked goods to bring home to the family?

Whenever you leave Josie’s we want you to leave happy

That is our unofficial tagline here that started all the way back in Josie’s Kitchen. Josie, who is the grandmother-in-law of owner Rick Lowe was famous for her Pizzelles, and whenever you left Josie’s you left happy.

Josie’s Bakery on The Phantom Gourmet

Everything by Hand

Nothing could make us more unhappy than to serve up a defrosted pastry that was transported here in a freezer on wheels from the other side of the country. At Josie’s all of our baked goods are as fresh as if you made them in your own kitchen. we use the best ingredients and prepare everything ourselves by hand.

Unique Recipes

Many of the pastries and desserts we make are unique to Josie’s bakery. Unique items like the Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispy treat, mini Key Lime Pies, and Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies can only be found at Josie’s. It’s just our way of thinking outside the box on traditional recipes. 


Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 8pm

Sunday: 9am - 5pm

Monday: CLOSED



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